Six Month Smiles in Aloha & Hillsboro, OR

Most patients who come to us seeking a solution for crooked teeth are mostly concerned with the way their teeth appear. The truth, though, is that crooked teeth can also create a dental health problem. Teeth that are crooked make it easier for plaque and tartar to build up and make it harder for you to clean your teeth effectively. Eventually, the result could be decay or gum disease.

Braces for Adults

Six Month Smiles is a system that is designed specifically for adults who need to have their teeth straightened. It works quickly and efficiently, and best of all, it’s practically invisible thanks to the clear brackets, which we know is important to adults who need to maintain a professional appearance.

Because Six Month Smiles focuses on the front teeth and doesn’t involve the back teeth, you can get results quicker. On average, most treatments using this system only take about six months. If your crooked teeth require a little extra work, your treatment time may increase by a month of two. Of course, this also means that if your teeth need less work than average, you can be done in less than six months!

What Can Six Month Smiles Treat?Man | Braces in Hillsboro

Six Month Smiles is designed to treat teeth that are affected by:

  • Crowding
  • Gaps
  • Poorly positioned teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Twisted teeth

This system is not designed to treat problems with bite misalignments. If you have a bite alignment concern, we are happy to discuss this issue with you and help you find solutions, which might include a referral to an orthodontic specialist.

Caring for Six Month Smiles

Like traditional braces, Six Month Smiles does use brackets and wires to move your teeth into position. This means that it’s important to take good care of your teeth and the braces while you are wearing them. We’ll provide guidance on how to care for your teeth and clean around the wires and brackets. It’s important that you follow these guidelines because allowing plaque to build up around the brackets could lead to damage to the enamel beneath.

We’ll also provide you with a list of foods that should be avoided while you are wearing the braces. In general, these include foods that are very crunchy or sticky, which can cause damage to your brackets or wires. If you do happen to damage a bracket or a wire, call our office immediately so we can check and fix the problem quickly so that your results are not affected.

If you’d like to discuss whether Six Month Smiles is appropriate for you, please call our Hillsboro or Aloha, OR dental office today to schedule a consultation with either Dr. John Smith or Dr. Ryan Smith. We’ll perform an examination and discuss your goals with you and help you decide if Six Month Smiles can help you meet those goals.