Root Canals in Hillsboro and Aloha, OR

We know that the sentence “You need a root canal” has an unfortunate tendency to strike fear into almost any dental patient. The root canal, a valuable and effective dental technique, has been given a bad reputation over the years.

We have good news for you, though.

Huge advances have been made in the dental field, and thanks to improved techniques and specialized instruments, today’s root canals are faster, more effective, and (most importantly to our patients!) more comfortable than ever. Plus, Drs. John Smith and Ryan Smith are both skilled and experienced at performing this procedure and getting great results.

Don’t worry if you need a root canal. You’re in the hands of dentists you can trust, and we’ll take great care of you.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?Man with Tooth Pain | Root Canals Hillsboro

Root canal therapy treats trauma and infection that are wreaking havoc in the section of your tooth that is called the root canal. This part of your tooth contains the pulp chamber and the nerve of your tooth. If the infection or damage hits the nerve, the result can be pain and lots of it. In some cases, the infection or damage can kill the nerve itself; when this happens, you may not experience the pain, but you will still need a root canal to prevent the infection from spreading and save the tooth.

Most patients we see who need root canals come to us because their tooth is hurting, but sometimes we see that a root canal is necessary on an x-ray. If this is the case, we’ll discuss the situation with you and talk to you about why treatment is important, your treatment options, and what will happen without treatment.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

To repair the damage and kill the infection, we need to be able to access the root canal of your tooth. We’ll give you plenty of anesthetic so that you can’t feel a thing while we are working on your tooth.

Once you are numb and comfortable, we’ll begin by creating an opening in your tooth that gives us access to the root canal and the infection. Using a specialized set of instruments, we will clean out the interior of your tooth, killing the infection and removing debris. We’ll also remove the nerve, which will relieve your pain.

After your tooth is completely cleaned out, we’ll fill the tooth using either amalgam or composite resin filling (an option that we’ll discuss with you prior to beginning the procedure). If your tooth needs some extra support, we’ll cover it with a crown to protect and strengthen it.

Following Your Root Canal

You may experience some discomfort and swelling following your root canal as a result of the body’s natural healing process. Once your immune system realizes that the threat is gone, this will subside. We’ll discuss remedies and tips that will make you more comfortable until this happens.

Many patients opt to take the rest of the day off so that they can rest following the procedure, and we think this is a good idea. If you have any concerns following your root canal, don’t hesitate to call.

Root Canal Treatment in Forest Grove, Aloha, and OR

Teeth that are in need of a root canal can cause a great deal of pain. If you are in pain, don’t wait another minute. Call our offices in Aloha and Hillsboro, OR today so we can get you in quickly and relieve your pain.