Pediatric Dentistry in Aloha, Forest Grove, & Hillsboro, OR

Your child’s early experiences with dentists and dental offices will affect how they perceive dental care throughout their lives. Getting them off to a good start with friendly dentists, a gentle and happy team of professionals, and a welcoming, kid-friendly office will give your kids the best possible chances of developing excellent oral health habits that will last for a lifetime.

At Smith Dental in Hillsboro and Aloha, OR, we like to emphasize family. We want to be the go-to resource for your entire family when it comes to your dental health care. We take this responsibility seriously and make it our goal to provide high-quality care to every member of your family – including the littlest ones!

We also understand that, as in most areas, kids have special and unique needs when it comes to their dental care. Children’s mouths are constantly in a state of growth and development. Our treatment plan for children is to monitor the changes, watch for any problems, and teach your children the skills they need to provide good self-care skills to help them keep their teeth healthy every day.

Your Child’s First VisitPediatric Dental Patient | Smith Dental OR

Your child’s first visit to a dentist is a momentous occasion! We’re excited to be a part of such a special day.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dental visit once their first baby tooth has come through or by the time they turn one, whichever happens first. We agree with this recommendation.

Since your child is still very young and won’t remember much of this visit (and may not be very cooperative either), the goal of this visit is not to perform a thorough examination and cleaning. Instead, the purpose is to meet your child, perform a quick exam (if they’ll let us), and discuss how to clean those precious first teeth. We’ll also take time to talk to you about any concerns you might have.

Dental Care That Grows With Your Child

As your child gets older, we’ll be happy to let them explore the office and learn about the tools and instruments that we use. We’ll begin the process of transitioning them to self-care and teach good brushing and flossing habits.

When your child gets to be about eight years old, they are probably ready to start brushing and flossing independently, and we’ll be there for this important milestone as well. Even after your child is brushing and flossing independently, continue to occasionally supervise to make sure good habits are being maintained.

Unique Children’s Dentistry Issues

We’ll discuss a wide range of children’s dental concerns with you and help you make decisions about your kids’ healthcare. Some common issues that we discuss with parents include:

  • Tips for reducing sugar in the diet
  • Making teeth-healthy nutrition choices
  • Dealing with thumb sucking or extended bottle/sippy cup use
  • Dealing with kids’ dental emergencies
  • Preventive treatments like sealants

An important concern for parents in Hillsboro and Aloha is the fact that our public water supply does not have added fluoride. Fluoride has been shown to significantly decrease cavities in areas where the water is fluoridated. We’ll discuss the need for fluoride treatments or supplementation with you and help you decide if this is right for your children.

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