Invisalign in Aloha, Hillsboro, and Forest Grove OR

Woman putting in Invisalign in Forest Grove ORMost patients who come to us seeking a solution for crooked teeth are typically concerned with the appearance of their smile. The truth, though, is that crooked teeth can also create a dental health problem. Teeth that are crooked make it easier for plaque and tartar to build up and make it harder for you to brush and floss your teeth effectively. Eventually, the result could be tooth decay or gum disease.

Invisalign for Adults

Invisalign in Aloha is designed specifically for adults who need to have their teeth straightened. It works quickly and efficiently, and best of all, it’s practically invisible thanks to the clear aligner, which we know is important to adults who need to maintain a professional appearance.

You won't have to worry about other people noticing metal brackets or wires on your teeth or the discomfort that the metal can cause to your gums and soft tissues. Because you can simply remove your aligners, you will also be able to enjoy all the foods you love throughout your treatment without dietary restrictions, and you'll be able to easily brush and floss your teeth.

Compliance is key, however, to successful and efficient treatment with Invisalign, and we'll ask that you strive to wear your aligners at least 22 hours each day. Every two to three weeks, you'll move on to the next set of aligners in your treatment plan, and you can typically do this at home, significantly reducing the time you have to spend at the dentist.

Invisalign makes straightening teeth an easy and effective process for busy adults to fit into their hectic schedules.

Which Problems Can Invisalign Treat?

Invisalign in Hillsboro is designed to treat teeth that are affected by:

  • Crowding
  • Gaps
  • Poorly positioned teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Twisted teeth

While invisible braces work well for most patients, this system is not designed to treat problems with severe bite misalignments. If you have more complicated bite alignment concerns, we are happy to discuss this with you and help you find solutions, which might include a referral to an orthodontic specialist.

How Can I Get Started With Invisalign in Hillsboro, Aloha, or Forest Grove?Couple taking a selfie in Aloha, OR

If you’d like to learn whether Invisalign is appropriate for you, please call our Hillsboro, Aloha, or Forest Grove, OR dental office today to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists who are certified Invisalign providers. They will perform an examination and also take x-rays and photos of your teeth. They will also discuss your goals for your smile with you and help you decide if Invisalign can help you meet those goals. If not, they'll have recommendations for other treatment procedures that can help you achieve your best smile.

Upon moving forward with Invisalign, our dentists will create your customized treatment plan, which Invisalign uses to create your aligners. You'll get started when your aligners arrive and then you will visit our dental office periodically so our dentists can monitor your progress.

Make an Appointment for an Invisalign Evaluation

Don't wait to take the next steps towards your best smile; contact one of our convenient locations today to schedule your Invisalign evaluation.