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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Root Canals

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Root Canals

When we recommend root canal treatment in Aloha, it is likely because a tooth is abscessed or infected. When decay reaches the nerve of your tooth, it causes a painful infection, and root canal treatment is needed to remove the diseased tissue from inside your tooth. This procedure eliminates your tooth infection and also preserves your natural tooth structure, which is always preferable over losing a tooth.

If you don't get root canal treatment to restore your infected tooth, it becomes so damaged that we have to remove it in order to eliminate your infection. You also run the risk that your infection can spread to neighboring teeth and even move to other critical areas of your body, such as your brain, where it can become a life-threatening situation.

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Root canal treatment not only relieves your infection, but it also eliminates the severe pain that a tooth infection causes. It is crucial in order for you to protect your health not to delay treating a tooth that is infected. If you are experiencing dental pain or a constant toothache that doesn't go away, we encourage you to contact your Aloha dental team right away for prompt emergency dental care.

This important therapy is performed when the root canal that is a part of the structure of your tooth becomes infected oMale Root Canal Patient | Smith Dental Root Canal FAQr damaged.

Reasons You Might Need a Root Canal

  • Trauma has caused your tooth to fracture.
  • A cavity has progressed too far and decay has reached the root canal or nerve of your tooth.
  • You have an abscess, a serious infection of the tooth and gum.
  • Decay has started again under an old metal filling.
  • A previous injury has damaged the pulp or the nerve of your tooth.

Often, pain is a reliable signal that root canal therapy is needed, but if the nerve is dead, you might not feel pain even though we can see the need for a root canal on an x-ray.

If we believe that you need a root canal, we'll discuss this with you and present you with all of your options.

Root Canal Hillsboro Or We will do our very best to make your root canal comfortable. You'll be numb while we are performing the actual procedure and won't feel anything. You may have some discomfort following your root canal, after the anesthesia wears off, but once your immune system recognizes that the danger has passed, this discomfort will fade.

Before Your Root Canal

Before your procedure, we will discuss how to manage your discomfort and stay comfortable. If necessary, we can also prescribe medication to help.

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