Covid-19 Update

Being part of the community for over 30 years, we are trying to do our part and help get everyone through the current dilemma. Until the current state removes their emergency mandates, we will be consolidating to our Hillsboro office. We will temporarily close our aloha and forest grove locations to put all our resources into keeping one facility open. This will allow us to continue to treat emergencies and patients with urgent dental concerns. We will be donating our extra supplies to local hospitals to help them in their effort to better care for those affected.

To also help, we are now expanding our hours in Hillsboro to be open Monday – Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm. We hope these extended hours will not only better serve our patients but will help keep dental emergencies from overloading value space in emergency rooms.
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My doctor told me that I have sleep apnea, but I can't sleep with that mask on. What are my other options?

Woman sleeping soundly | Sleep Apnea Treatment Hillsboro ORWe understand. About 50% of sleep apnea patients are unable to tolerate CPAP therapy.

At Smith Dental, we have another way of treating sleep apnea, using customized appliances that you wear while you are sleeping. 

Call our office today to learn more about this therapy! 

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