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Transform Your Smile with Six Month Smiles Clear Braces!

February 4, 2014
Posted By: Smith Dental

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your crooked teeth? Do you want to quickly improve the appearance of your smile for a wedding or reunion? If so, Six Month Smiles clear braces are an innovative orthodontic treatment that will fit your lifestyle and move your teeth quickly and safely.

For years, traditional metal braces have been the only option for people who wanted to correct the appearance of crooked teeth. Fortunately, we can now offer our patients Six Month Smiles clear braces, a unique adult orthodontic treatment that has already transformed the smiles of millions of patients.

What are Six Month Smiles braces?

Six Month Smiles clear braces are a discreet option for straightening teeth quickly and comfortably. They are often used by adults who are on a timeline for a big event like a wedding or reunion.

Basically, Six Month Smiles work on the same principle as traditional orthodontics. But instead of metal that can mar your smile, Six Month Smiles use clear brackets and wires that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Many people won’t know you’re wearing braces at all!

Six Month Smiles

How can Six Month smiles work so quickly?

The reason Six Month Smiles produce results so quickly is that their purpose is to straighten only the teeth that are visible when you smile. Unlike traditional braces, Six Month Smiles clear braces are designed specifically for adults with minor alignment issues. They do not address problems with your dental bite, which significantly reduces treatment time. Results can be achieved in six to nine months, with the average time being six months.


Are Six Month Smiles braces comfortable?

Yes! Like many people, you may think that a shortened treatment time means that we need to use more force to achieve faster results. This is not the case with Six Month Smiles because the focus is on aesthetics rather than correcting bite alignment. Results can be achieved using only low force to gently reposition your teeth.

What problems do Six Month Smiles correct?

Six Month Smiles are an efficient treatment option for correcting overcrowding, gaps between teeth, and unevenly spaced teeth.

How do I know if Six Month Smiles are right for me?

Most people over the age of 15 are good candidates for Six Month Smiles. But there is no single cosmetic dental treatment that is right for everyone. Our Hillsboro dental office has other cosmetic options available that may be more appropriate for you than Six Month Smiles.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to consider Six Month Smiles clear braces! You deserve to love the smile you see when you look in the mirror, and Six Month Smiles is a comfortable, safe, and efficient option that can completely transform the appearance of your smile.

At Smith Family Dental, we believe in offering our patients services and treatments that protect and improve their oral health and appearance. Please contact our office if you would like to learn more about Six Month Smiles clear braces. We will be happy to arrange a consultation and get you on your way to achieving the flawless smile you were meant to have!







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