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Teeth Whitening Options - Which One Is Right for Me?

February 10, 2014
Posted By: Smith Dental

If you’ve considered whitening your teeth, you were probably amazed by the array of teeth whitening options available these days. From over-the-counter strips to same-day one-hour professional teeth whitening, it can be overwhelming to make a decision.

Taking a moment to look at the different options available and really understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option will help you to make a decision based on your personal needs and goals.

Hillsboro dentist Dr. Ryan Smith is also happy to discuss your options and help you make an informed decision.

Teeth Whitening

Over-the-Counter Options

Pastes, rinses, strips, gels… the shelves of your local supermarket or drugstore are overflowing with inexpensive products that claim to whiten your teeth. Many even boast “professional results.”

Looking at each option individually, we find:

Whitening toothpaste – Whitening toothpastes contain an added ingredient that can remove surface stains. It takes time and dedication to see results, but your teeth will look better. Of course, brushing twice a day with any toothpaste will keep your teeth looking good. Verdict – Can’t hurt, but make sure the toothpaste contains fluoride.
Whitening rinses – For the active ingredient in these products to work, you’d have to rinse several times a day, which is unrealistic. Verdict – Don’t bother.
Whitening gels – Over-the-counter gels contain a lower strength of the bleaching ingredient and may irritate sensitive teeth. Verdict – This process is best overseen by a professional. You get a customized tray and an appropriate strength for your needs.
Whitening strips – Like gels, these contain a lower dose and may prove irritating. They can work, but it will take time. Verdict – Perhaps, if you are on a tight budget.

Professional Options

Professional whitening options include:

Take-home kits – You receive a customized tray created from a model of your teeth and a gel product in a strength that will meet your needs. Many professional gel products also have an added desensitizer. You return to our office when you are done to discuss your results with Dr. Smith. The whitening process takes about two weeks. Verdict – More effective than OTC gels and a great choice for most people.
In-office whitening – This process allows for dramatic results in about an hour! You sit back and relax while the gel is painted on your teeth and then activated by a light. Verdict – An excellent option if you need your teeth whitened quickly. Many patients who are looking forward to a special event (like a wedding!) opt for in-office teeth whitening.

Professional Products Give Professional Results

Ultimately, choosing professional products gives you more control, safety, and comfort and faster, more reliable results. You also have the advantage of a customized plan with professional oversight.

If you’re interested in brightening your smile, call our Hillsboro dental office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Smith. 

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