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Yes! Even Your Kids Can Practice Good Oral Hygiene

May 23, 2017
Posted By: Smith Dental
Children's Dentistry in Hillsboro OR

As a parent or caregiver for a child, you have probably had a wrestling match or two trying to get your kids' teeth clean before bed or school. Cleaning kids’ teeth is important, but they don’t always cooperate and may even strike a resistance when it comes to oral hygiene.

Here are some ways you can help your child develop good oral health habits:

Start at a young age. Let your child participate in their oral care as soon as they can hold a toothbrush. You will need to go over their teeth after they finish to make sure it is thorough, but their participation in their own oral hygiene will help them develop a healthy habit right from the start. If they never know any different, it will be less of a choice and more of a fact of life. 

Make it fun. Make it a party. If you show enthusiasm when it comes to your oral health, your child will likely mimic you. Brush together and make is all seem like a good time. Set a timer. Play a song. Make sure that it is a special event. 

Use the reward system. You could even make a chart with stars and provide prizes for compliance (not sugary prizes, though!) Keep the chart in the bathroom, and let your child put the stars on the chart. For each week or month that they do a good job, they could have a special outing with you or a prize they like.

Use fun products. All kinds of toothpastes, timers, toothbrushes, and flavored products exist for kids. You can choose flavors they like. They are often colorful, sparkly, and festive. Make sure that kids don’t swallow these special products. Use a small amount and teach your little one how to spit in the sink.

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