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Help! My Child Is Afraid of the Dentist!

May 13, 2014
Posted By: Smith Dental
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Starting good dental habits early is important to your child's oral health. With regular visits to the dentist, your kids will learn how to keep their teeth clean and healthy, how to make good choices when it comes to after-school snacks, and how to be a part of “team healthy teeth.”

Getting your child to go to the dentist willingly isn't always easy. It can be made even more difficult if your child suffers from dental fear or anxiety. Dental anxiety in children can come from many sources. Your child may have had a traumatic experience with another dentist. If they have not had regular dental visits, the unfamiliar noises, dental tools, and strange smells that surround the dentist's chair may be scary to them. Children with special needs may also find the disruption of their routine and unfamiliar surroundings upsetting.

Reducing Pediatric Dental Anxiety

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children have their first dental visit after their first tooth comes in or by one year of age, whichever comes first. Starting your child's relationship with Hillsboro dentist Dr. Smith and our friendly dental staff early allows them to get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office, which reduces fear of the dentist later on. With regular “wellness” visits, your toddler will learn that visits to the dentist are nothing to fear!

As your children (and their teeth!) develop, their dental needs develop, too. At Smith Dental, we understand the natural curiosity of children and we are happy to let them explore the office and ask questions about the special tools that are part of a dental visit. Knowledge and familiarity help to make later visits less stressful for your child and create a healthy relationship between your child and our Hillsboro dental team.

Caring, Compassionate Staff Attentive to Your Child's Needs

The staff at Smith Dental are experienced with dealing with children and their unique needs and fears. We will take care to put your child at ease from the moment they walk in the door. If your child is particularly anxious or fearful about their dental visit, let us know and we can take extra care to allay their fears and increase their comfort level.

It's important to reduce dental anxiety now because these fears can carry over into adulthood and may prevent your child from seeking the dental care they need later in life. Drs. Ryan and John Smith want to make your childrens' dental visits a positive experience now to establish a healthy lifelong relationship with the dentist.

If your child suffers from dental fear or anxiety, call our Hillsboro, OR dental office today to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to help you teach your kids that the dentist is their friend, not their enemy!

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