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What Would Happen if You Didn't Fill That Cavity?

March 30, 2018
Posted By: Smith Dental
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Dental fillings are relatively routine when performed by our experienced Aloha dentists. We always make sure patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their procedures because we believe that dentistry can be a pain-free experience.

It’s easy to let treatment go when budgets are tight, and schedules feel overwhelming, but we want to help patients understand that dental conditions often worsen and can become painful dental emergencies. Filling a cavity is preferred to the alternative.

Decay is Not Painful

The tricky thing about dentistry is that conditions do not cause pain until they become advanced. This goes for cavities, gum disease, and damaged teeth.

When you have a small cavity, plenty of tooth layers protect the nerve from bacteria. The problem with cavities is that they only get bigger, and eventually, they can reach the nerve and suddenly, a toothache begins.

When decay reaches the nerve, root canal treatment and a crown are often necessary to save the tooth.

Why Save Natural Teeth?

Many people want to avoid root canal therapy at all costs because they associate root canal treatment with pain. Root canals are a tooth-saving and pain-relieving procedure. Our dentists use the latest technology to improve your outcome and provide a comfortable and fast cure.

Extracting a tooth is the last resort. Tooth loss can destabilize your bite due to teeth shifting toward the gap left behind. Bone loss because of a missing tooth can cause facial features to look hollow or sunken. We advise replacing a missing tooth right away, and replacing a missing tooth is often more costly and time-consuming than saving your natural tooth.

How to Protect Your Teeth

We recommend taking a preventive approach to your dentistry, which includes filling cavities when they are smaller and easier to manage. We use digital x-rays to detect cavities in their early stages.

We provide gentle dental fillings in our Aloha dental office for both children and adults. Give us a call for your next dental exam.

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