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Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Appointment

October 25, 2016
Posted By: Smith Dental
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You take good care of your oral hygiene on a daily basis with regular brushing and flossing. You follow the recommended two visits to your dentist each year for examinations and cleanings. But are you getting the most out of your dental appointment?

Let’s take a look at the following tips to make sure you are taking full advantage of your time with the dentist at your next appointment with your dentist in Aloha.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Dental Appointment

1. Stay with your normal routine. If you have been slacking on the brushing and flossing, brushing twice as hard right before your appointment is not going to make up for past neglect. In fact, you might even hurt your gums in the process!

2. Take along a list of questions. All of those questions you think of between your regular exams? Jot them down and bring them along to the dentist for your next appointment. You can finally get the answers you have been wondering about all this time.

3. Take notes during your appointment. If your dentist is recommending treatment, you want to know the “why” behind it, and it’s tough to remember the details after you leave your appointment. If you don’t have anything to write with, ask your dentist to email you the details of your conversation.

4. Answer questions honestly. If it has been an embarrassingly long time since you flossed, it is important that your dentist be aware of that fact. The answers to other questions too will enable your dentist to make an accurate assessment of your oral health. Be honest!

Call Smith Dental for Your Next Appointment

At Smith Dental, we want to make sure you enjoy a beautiful smile and good oral health. When you come to your appointment fully prepared, you will learn a lot more about your oral health and what you can do to maintain it. As your dentist in Aloha, we look forward to seeing you and your entire family!

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