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Want to Get Rid of Bad Breath? 3 Tips for a Fresher Smile

November 19, 2019
Posted By: Smith Dental
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Those onion rings you had with dinner were too tempting to pass up, but now you can’t wait to get home to your toothbrush and mouthwash to get rid of your bad breath. 

We’ve all had this happen occasionally. But what if the odor in your mouth won’t go away or returns even if you haven’t had smelly foods like garlic and onions? Your Hillsboro dentist offers some helpful tips to keep your breath smelling fresh and sweet.

Don’t Skip Brushing after Meals

Now you have two good reasons to brush and floss after meals. You need to clean your teeth to protect them from cavities and remove food particles that remain in your mouth and cause bad breath. If you don’t remove them with brushing or flossing, the result is not just bad breath but also an increased risk for decay and gum disease. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This is another bad breath tip that has multiple benefits. Hydrating your body is essential, so you should be drinking plenty of water anyway. But it also helps rinse away bacteria and food particles and prevent dry mouth, all of which can cause bad breath.

Talk to Your Dentist

If you have tried these tips before and your bad breath persists, you should talk to your dentist. Your chronic bad breath may be related to an underlying problem like periodontal (gum) disease that doesn’t just cause bad breath but also threaten the health of your gums and general oral health.

Please Call Our Office for an Appointment

Chronic bad breath isn’t just embarrassing; it may be a sign of a more significant problem that your Hillsboro dentist needs to investigate. Please call Smith Dental to schedule an appointment for your next exam and teeth cleaning, so we can get to the source of the problem and help restore your fresh, clean breath.

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