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How to Form Good Oral Habits with Your Children

June 24, 2018
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Asking children to focus on any task for a full two minutes poses a challenge. When trying to transition them to brushing their own teeth, it can seem like you ask them 20 times before they submit to stopping an activity they deem to be much more fun that oral hygiene. Kids do, however, enjoy fun and rewards. As a parent, you can choose to motivate kids in the way that works best for them. 

Here are some suggestions. If you don’t think any of these methods will work for your child, you can seek answers from a dentist who provides family dentistry in the Aloha, OR area. We welcome new patients – including kids.

Make Teeth Brushing Fun

YouTube and other online video (or audio) services have songs that last precisely two minutes – the recommended amount of time to brush your teeth. Kids love catchy tunes and will know when they are finished when the song is over.

Electric toothbrushes made specifically for kids come in fun colors and have built-in timers to let kids know when to switch to a different area of the mouth, helping them get to all of their teeth.

Brush your teeth together. This sets a good example and makes it possible for parents to monitor their child’s brushing skills. Children develop at their own pace, and most kids will need some help brushing until they are age eight or nine.

Bribery: Also Known as the Reward System

Bathroom charts for teeth brushing are an old-fashioned way that still works great today. Print out a calendar and provide stickers of some kind for your little one to place on the calendar when they have completed their morning and evening teeth brushing tasks.

At the end of each week, provide a small reward to motivate them to keep going. 

If you are seeking family dentistry in Aloha, OR and need help teaching your children how to brush regularly, give us a call.

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