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Dental Bridges: A Functional and Esthetic Solution for Missing Teeth

April 30, 2018
Posted By: Smith Dental
man smiling after getting dental bridge from Aloha dentist

While dental implants are gaining popularity, they don’t work for every patient, especially those who prefer to avoid surgery. Dental bridges are one alternative that provides improved chewing function and fills the gap left by a missing or extracted tooth and has been replacing missing teeth for decades.

If you are exploring tooth replacement options, finding a bridge dentist in Aloha that will customize your bridge for you is essential. Here is why the dental bridges at Smith Dental make our patients smile.

You Can Smile With Confidence

Missing teeth might give people the wrong impression about you or keep you from smiling, which is an important part of expression! Dental bridges fill in the gap left by missing teeth and look entirely natural.

We design dental bridges to match the color and shape of your existing teeth so that they blend in with your natural teeth. No one wants dentistry that stands out, which is why we meticulously design porcelain dental bridges for the most esthetic solution possible.

Speaking Clearly Is Important

Depending on where you have a gap in your smile, it could make it difficult to speak normally. A dental bridge will close the gap, providing your tongue with speech support to make it easy to talk without alterations to your normal voice.

Filling the gap in your smile with a dental bridge can also keep your saliva in your mouth, where it belongs.

Eat a Variety of Foods

Tooth loss can limit your diet and affect your nutritional health. Dental bridges complete the chewing surface of teeth and can make it easier to chew. It’s a good idea to avoid particularly hard foods that might damage your bridge, but otherwise, everything delicious is on the menu.

For an experienced bridge dentist, contact our Aloha or Hillsboro dental offices today, and we will have you smiling confidently again! 

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