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Conditions Treated with Oral Surgery

February 11, 2016
Posted By: Smith Dental
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Though most dentists will do what they can to avoid the need for oral surgery, sometimes it is necessary to maintain your oral health. There are several procedures that fall under the category of oral surgery such as extractions, TMJD repairs, and dental implants. At Smith Dental, we do all oral surgery procedures in our office instead of sending you to a specialist so we can take care of our patients, whatever their needs may be.


What Conditions Are Treated With Oral Surgery?

  • Wisdom teeth – When wisdom teeth come in, there is often not enough room in the mouth, which can lead to serious dental concerns. In order to avoid problems, it is important to have your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible.
  • Severe decay – Most often, tooth decay that has spread to the center of the tooth where the nerves are, called the pulp, can be treated with a root canal. Yet, if the infection has destroyed the tooth beyond repair, it must be removed to ensure the decay doesn’t reach the bone.
  • TMJD – The joint that sits in front of the lower part of your ear, where the upper and lower jaw come together, is called your temporomandibular joint. Sometimes, either through trauma, bruxism, or jaw misalignment, this joint can pop and grind when you open and close your mouth, leading to jaw pain and migraines. In some cases, this can be treated through physical therapy, orthodontics, or a mouthguard, but sometimes, surgery may be needed to repair the joint.
  • Missing teeth – There are several ways to replace missing teeth, but one of the most beneficial are dental implants. Implants are titanium rods that are placed directly into the bone where the root of the missing tooth used to be. After the implant is in place and has had time to heal, a crown will be attached to replace the tooth. Dental implants are stable, long lasting, and help discourage bone loss.

Oral Surgery Consultation

Though the thought of oral surgery can be scary, patients are often in less pain after the procedure than before. If you live in the Hillsboro, OR area and would like to know more about oral surgery services we provide or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today!

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