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Most Common Dental Procedures

November 30, 2015
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Most Common Dental Procedures

While some dental offices will offer specialized services, almost all will offer the more common services and procedures such as cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, and root canals. Because these procedures are so common and are done often, your dentist will be able to do them efficiently. At Smith Dental, our dentist have over twenty years of experience providing these common treatments and more so you can be confident you are getting the best care in the Aloha, OR area.

Common Dental Procedures

Preventive Care – The most common procedures done in any dental office are preventive care treatments such as cleanings and exams. The reason they are so common is because it is recommended to have them done about once every six months. Cleanings will help clear your mouth off plaque and tartar so you won’t develop gum disease or cavities. During exams, your dentist will check for these and other dental issues so they can catch them quickly and reverse them before they cause major damage.

Fillings – At some point in their life, over ninety percent of people will have at least on cavity. Cavities are caused when plaque buildup isn’t removed properly and causes decay in your tooth. If caught early enough they can either be prevented, or fillings can be put in to deter further decay. Fillings are now done with a composite resin so they blend in with your teeth.

Root Canals – Between people not taking proper care of their teeth and eating sugar and acid filled diets, tooth decay is becoming a major problem. When cavities aren’t treated right away and bacteria is left to eat away at the tooth’s enamel it may lead to the pulp of your tooth becoming infected. The major symptom of extensive tooth decay is severe pain. During a root canal procedure, your dentist will clean out all of the infected pulp and then put a filling into the tooth to protect it from further decay.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Many people are discovering the aesthetic benefits to cosmetic dentistry. There are several procedures that fit under the cosmetic dentistry category from teeth whitening to crowns. Each treatment will give you a more beautiful smile by filling in gabs and cracks, removing discoloration and stains, and covering chips and broken teeth.

Get the Best Care

Getting these routine procedures will help you keep that bright, beautiful, and healthy smile. If you live in the Aloha, OR area and would like more information on the procedures above or the other services that we offer, please contact Dr. John or Ryan Smith at Smith Dental today!

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