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Cavities Are the Most Common Childhood Disease. What This Means for Your Kids

July 31, 2018
Posted By: Smith Dental
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With the introduction of fluoridation in the water and fluoride toothpaste to strengthen enamel, instances of childhood and adult caries (decay) have dropped dramatically, yet it remains the most common preventable childhood disease.

To help your child enjoy a healthy smile and improved dental health, seeking the advice of a children’s dentist in Aloha will benefit your child’s smile for a lifetime.

Preventing Dental Decay in Kids and Adults

While it is true that genetics plays a role in oral health, preventive measures can break the cycle of intergenerational decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. More essential are the habits passed down from parents to their children. 

The fact is that many people just don’t know how to properly care for their teeth, or they don’t prioritize it. Our team is happy to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques that will improve your health between dental cleanings.

We also offer additional anti-cavity treatments including fluoride applications and sealants that will put a barrier between bacteria and the surface of teeth.

Early Detection Saves Smiles

Choosing to receive the x-rays recommended by the American Dental Association is an essential aspect of early detection. With modern x-rays, there is little need to worry about radiation exposure. Digital dental x-rays reduce radiation by up to 80 percent.

Other than routine exams, x-rays provide the most significant benefit to patients when it comes to finding and treating decay before it causes pain or tooth loss.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Let’s face it; even with the best of intentions, most of us will need a filling at some point during our lives. We offer tooth-colored fillings for both kids and adults to minimize the impact on the smile, while still protecting the tooth.

If you want a family dentist or children’s dentist in Aloha who will help your family achieve optimum oral health and beautiful smiles, contact Smith Dental. We always welcome new patients and have locations in both Hillsboro and Aloha.

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