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Are E-Cigs Better for Your Oral Health? Maybe Not

July 26, 2017
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A recent study in Ohio sought to answer the question if e-cigs were less likely to cause gum disease than tobacco cigarettes. They studied five groups of people:

  • Smokers
  • E-cig users
  • Smokers who also use e-cigs
  • Previous smokers who use e-cigs
  • Control group

What they found was that there is no significant reduction in instances in periodontal disease for people who opt for the electronic version of using nicotine. This may be largely due to the fact that e-cigs have a number of harmful ingredients in addition to nicotine.

The study also showed that teens who start out using e-cigs are more likely to switch to smoking traditional cigarettes.

What We Do to Combat Gum Disease

If patients present with gum disease symptoms in the early stages of development, an increase in proper home care combined with professional dental cleanings designed specifically to reduce gum disease may be able to reverse the condition entirely.

For more advanced gum disease, we will design a treatment plan to control the disease, though we can never eliminate it altogether. A proper professional dental regimen can help you live a healthier life and potentially avoid tooth loss, which leads to additional health issues.

For smokers or e-cig users, extra diligence to maintain health is necessary. You will likely need to spend more time cleaning your teeth and gums to keep the disease at bay due to the constant exposure to tar, chemicals, and other ingredients found in tobacco products.

You may also wish to whiten your teeth to eliminate the stains that cigarettes cause. 

We also provide oral cancer screenings for our patients on a regular basis. This life-saving exam can detect oral cancer in its early stages when treatment is more effective.

Teeth Cleaning in Aloha, OR

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