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Are E-Cigs Better for Your Oral Health? Maybe Not

E-Cigs Dental Health | Oregon Dentist

A recent study in Ohio sought to answer the question if e-cigs were less likely to cause gum disease than tobacco cigarettes. They studied five groups of people:

  • Smokers
  • E-cig users
  • Smokers who also use e-cigs
  • Previous smokers who use e-cigs
  • Control group

What they found was that there is no significant reduction in instances in periodontal disease for people who opt for the electronic version of using nicotine. This may be largely due to the fact that e-cigs have a number of harmful ingredients in addition to nicotine.

The study also showed that teens who start out using e-cigs are more likely to switch to smoking traditional cigarettes.

What We Do to Combat Gum Disease

If patients present ...

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How Your Dentist Can Help with Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment Aloha OR

If you snore or have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, you might have come across some of the treatment options available. Fortunately, treatment options can extend your life, help you enjoy an improved quality of life, and help you feel more refreshed throughout your day.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs when your throat and the tissues inside it relax, blocking your airway. This sends a danger signal to your brain, and your brain awakens you, so you do not suffocate. This can occur from dozens to hundreds of times per night, though you may not remember any of it.

Because sleep apnea disrupts the restorative sleep necessary for overall health and ...

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Yes! Even Your Kids Can Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Children's Dentistry in Hillsboro OR

As a parent or caregiver for a child, you have probably had a wrestling match or two trying to get your kids' teeth clean before bed or school. Cleaning kids’ teeth is important, but they don’t always cooperate and may even strike a resistance when it comes to oral hygiene.

Here are some ways you can help your child develop good oral health habits:

Start at a young age. Let your child participate in their oral care as soon as they can hold a toothbrush. You will need to go over their teeth after they finish to make sure it is thorough, but their participation in their own oral hygiene will help ...

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Had an Extraction? It Might Be Time to Think About Tooth Replacement

Oral Surgery Aloha OR

When patients have a dental extraction, one of the biggest concerns they have is how to best replace a missing tooth. If you suspect you need an extraction, we provide oral surgery services in our Aloha, OR dental office and can plan how to replace your missing tooth before we remove your tooth.

Our dentists not only effectively and efficiently, but also comfortably, so you never have to feel stress or anxiety regarding your treatment. We also provide a wide range of options to support a healthy, beautiful smile – even on the other side of dental extractions.

Here are some ways we recommend replacing missing teeth:

Fixed Dental Bridge

A fixed dental bridge ...

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3 Issues We Repair Teeth with Dental Bonding

dental bonding aloha | dental bonding hillsboro

Are you tired of hiding your smile when you meet someone for the first time? Wouldn't it feel great to smile with confidence? Many patients avoid repairing their teeth because they think that treatment will be costly and time-consuming, however, dental bonding is a very cost effective and quick way to repair certain dental issues. Most bonding cases can be completed in one appointment at Smith Dental. Here are 3 issues that you may not have realized dental bonding can repair.

Small Chips or Fractures

We use composite resin for dental bonding, which is the same material used for dental fillings. This means that it can be custom shaded to match your ...

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Do You Bite Your Nails? Here’s How to Stop

Dentist Hillsboro OR

According to an article in Psychology Today, nail-biting is much more prevalent than one might think. They cite studies that estimate as many as 50 percent of American adults bite their nails.

The problem with nail-biting is that not only is it an unsightly habit, but it can also be tough on your teeth. If you are a nail-biter, what can you do to stop? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Aloha, OR dentists, and read on for a few tips.

Why Nail-Biting Is Bad for Your Teeth

Biting your nails can do a real number on your teeth, so the biggest reason to stop biting is because you can chip ...

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3 Reasons Why It Might Be Time for an Extraction

Woman Smiling | Tooth Extractions Aloha

While our ultimate goal at Smith Dental is to help you preserve and maintain your teeth for a lifetime, there may be some circumstances in which you may need to have a tooth removed.

Here are 3 reasons why we might recommend tooth extractions at our Aloha dental office:

Orthodontic Treatment

Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment may be advised to have teeth removed due to crowding. While orthodontists typically do their best to help patients maintain all of their teeth, some mouths just don't have enough space. The removal of 2 to 4 teeth can give your orthodontist the extra space needed to deliver your newly aligned and dazzling smile in a timely manner.

Wisdom ...

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