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Had an Extraction? It Might Be Time to Think About Tooth Replacement

Oral Surgery Aloha OR

When patients have a dental extraction, one of the biggest concerns they have is how to best replace a missing tooth. If you suspect you need an extraction, we provide oral surgery services in our Aloha, OR dental office and can plan how to replace your missing tooth before we remove your tooth.

Our dentists not only effectively and efficiently, but also comfortably, so you never have to feel stress or anxiety regarding your treatment. We also provide a wide range of options to support a healthy, beautiful smile – even on the other side of dental extractions.

Here are some ways we recommend replacing missing teeth:

Fixed Dental Bridge

A fixed dental bridge ...

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3 Reasons Why It Might Be Time for an Extraction

Woman Smiling | Tooth Extractions Aloha

While our ultimate goal at Smith Dental is to help you preserve and maintain your teeth for a lifetime, there may be some circumstances in which you may need to have a tooth removed.

Here are 3 reasons why we might recommend tooth extractions at our Aloha dental office:

Orthodontic Treatment

Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment may be advised to have teeth removed due to crowding. While orthodontists typically do their best to help patients maintain all of their teeth, some mouths just don't have enough space. The removal of 2 to 4 teeth can give your orthodontist the extra space needed to deliver your newly aligned and dazzling smile in a timely manner.

Wisdom ...

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Conditions Treated with Oral Surgery

Oral Surgeon Aloha OR

Though most dentists will do what they can to avoid the need for oral surgery, sometimes it is necessary to maintain your oral health. There are several procedures that fall under the category of oral surgery such as extractions, TMJD repairs, and dental implants. At Smith Dental, we do all oral surgery procedures in our office instead of sending you to a specialist so we can take care of our patients, whatever their needs may be.


What Conditions Are Treated With Oral Surgery?

  • Wisdom teeth – When wisdom teeth come in, there is often not enough room in the mouth, which can lead to serious dental concerns. In order to avoid problems, ...

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Tips for Preparing for Tooth Extractions

Preparing for Tooth Extractions

Many of us will, at some point in our lives, have a tooth pulled. Whether it's due to overcrowding, impacted wisdom teeth, trauma, or decay, it can be a frightening prospect. Your Hillsboro, OR dentist Dr. Smith wants to offer some advice on how to prepare for an extraction: what to do before, during, and after having a tooth pulled to make your life easier and make sure you heal quickly and well.

Before Having a Tooth Pulled

It's important to prepare ahead of time if you're having one or more teeth extracted. Having everything you need before your appointment will save you time and discomfort later.

Make sure you have plenty of ...

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Afraid of the Dentist?

Sedation DentistryDental fear and anxiety are common and can be severe. Sometimes, they can even keep you from getting necessary dental care. But a trip to the dentist doesn't have to be scary! At Smith Dental, your Hillsboro dentist, we have a solution to dental anxiety – sedation dentistry!

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a way to calm and relax you in the dentist's chair. Our office has two options to relax you and make your dental experience more pleasant.

Oral conscious sedation is the most common sedation dentistry option. We provide you with a prescription for a mild sedative, which you ...

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Should I Get Dental Implants?

At Smith Dental in Hillsboro, OR, we do our best to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes a tooth just can't be saved. If the root has died, decay has gotten too extensive for a restoration, or trauma has knocked the tooth loose or broken it, the tooth may have to be extracted.


A missing tooth can be devastating to your self-esteem. Everyone wants a nice, healthy smile full of pearly whites, and a gap can make you feel self-conscious when you smile, talk, or eat. It can even make you reluctant to do these things in front of other people. There are other concerns, as well. Over time, bone mass ...

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