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How to Find the Best Dentist in Hillsboro, OR

Girl at Dentist | Dentist in Hillsboro OR

If you’re looking for an experienced dentist who offers comprehensive dentistry for the entire family, including children, Smith Dental is the place. If you’re seeking patience and compassion, our Hillsboro, OR dentist has that too!

At Smith Dental, we offer general, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry. We want you to have healthy teeth and avoid dental issues. But we can also help you enhance your smile if you decide to do so.

Additionally, we always make sure our patients are relaxed and comfortable when visiting our dental office.

General Dentistry at Smith Dental

In the area of general dentistry, our dentist follows recommendations put forward by the American Dental Association. This means regular dental ...

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Try These Tips for Better Flossing

Flossing Tips Aloha OR

If you recently made your twice-yearly trip to the dentist in Aloha, OR, and want to get the most out of your time spent looking after your oral hygiene at home, making sure that you are using the appropriate techniques for flossing your teeth can help. Try these tips to ensure that your floss time is keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Be Sure to Begin with a Plan

It's easy to become complacent when you do the same thing every day. Develop healthy habits right from the get-go, and your efforts will pay off. Start on the upper or lower teeth all the way toward the back of ...

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A Checklist for Finding an Excellent Aloha Dentist

Aloha OR Dentist | Smith Dental

If you are like most people, average care when it comes to your health is just not enough. Finding a truly excellent Aloha dentist takes a little time and research. At Smith Dental, we have put together a checklist of essentials for you to consider when researching dental offices to give you and your family the type of dental care that leaves you smiling.

Experience and reputation – Naturally, an experienced dentist will know how to perform both simple and complex procedures. Other factors such as continuing education and technology should also be part of your interview process. Having an experienced dentist who continually improves their skills with additional training will ...

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The Crucial Role Dentists Play in Identifying Oral Cancer

oral cancer screening | Hillsboro or

It’s tough to see inside your own mouth because it’s small, dark, and has lots of awkward angles. That is why it is so important to maintain regular dental exams and cleanings. You might have something going on that you don’t even know about. Some of the dental conditions that our dentist look for during an exam include cracked teeth, gum recession, periodontal disease, and decay.

Perhaps one of the most important services your experienced family dentist in the 97007 postal area can provide a life-saving oral cancer screening.

How We Diagnose Oral Cancer

Dentists are highly educated in all of the structures of the mouth – teeth, gums, the jaw joints, muscles ...

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We Want to Help You Avoid These Dental Misconceptions

woman at dentist | dentist aloha oregon

In a time of fake news, the need to check your resources has never been more important. As with current events, many misleading or flat out wrong advice finds its way into your news feed and inbox on a daily basis. Knowing the truth about dentistry and how to care for your teeth can prevent long-term damage to your teeth, your oral health, and your overall health.

Here are some myths that many people believe, but that could damage your smile.

Myth: If You Are Pregnant, Skip the Dentist

Truth: Your Oral Health Affects Your Unborn Child

Skipping the dentist while you are pregnant can have serious consequences. Pregnancy gingivitis ...

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3 Major Oral Health Consequences of Using Tobacco

tobacco and oral health | hillsboro or

It’s no secret that smoking or using chewing tobacco has serious health consequences. It is, after all, clearly printed directly on the label for everyone to see. Tobacco use has especially negative implications for your oral health, not to mention that tobacco and cigarettes also leave dark stains on the teeth that negatively impact the appearance of your teeth.

Dry Mouth and its Consequences

Tobacco use reduces saliva production, causing uncomfortable dry mouth. Dry mouth is more than an annoyance; it contributes to both periodontal disease and decay. You can combat dry mouth by sipping water throughout the day and rinsing with a mouthwash developed for people who have dry mouth.

Longer Healing ...

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Is Bad Breath Holding You Back?

Bad Breath | Dentist Hillsboro OR

Do you find others backing away from you when you speak? Is your partner less willing to engage in long kissing marathons than they used to be? It might be because you have bad breath. The kind of bad breath caused by gum disease is far more offensive than a lunch that had onions and garlic as part of the plate because it comes from bacteria that collect in the mouth and reproduce rapidly. One of the by-products is a nasty odor that is both offensive and difficult to mask even with the strongest mints and rinses.

Why Do Bacteria Love the Mouth?

Because of the warm, moist environment of the mouth, ...

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