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We Want to Help You Avoid These Dental Misconceptions

In a time of fake news, the need to check your resources has never been more important. As with current events, many misleading or flat out wrong advice finds its way into your news feed and inbox on a daily basis. Knowing the truth about dentistry and how to care for your teeth can prevent long-term damage to your teeth, your oral health, and your overall health.Here are some myths that many people believe, but that could damage your smile.Myth: If You Are Pregnant, Skip the DentistTruth: Your Oral Health Affects Your Unborn ChildSkipping the dentist while you are pregnant can have serious consequences. Pregnancy gingivitis ...

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3 Major Oral Health Consequences of Using Tobacco

tobacco and oral health | hillsboro or
It’s no secret that smoking or using chewing tobacco has serious health consequences. It is, after all, clearly printed directly on the label for everyone to see. Tobacco use has especially negative implications for your oral health, not to mention that tobacco and cigarettes also leave dark stains on the teeth that negatively impact the appearance of your teeth.Dry Mouth and its ConsequencesTobacco use reduces saliva production, causing uncomfortable dry mouth. Dry mouth is more than an annoyance; it contributes to both periodontal disease and decay. You can combat dry mouth by sipping water throughout the day and rinsing with a mouthwash developed for people who have dry mouth.Longer Healing ...

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When Teeth Whitening Is the Best Choice

Dental Patient Smiling | Smith Dental | Teeth Whitening Blog
Often, when people think of cosmetic dentistry, it might seem overwhelming or out of reach. You might be surprised to learn about all of the different types of people who decide to improve their smiles with cosmetic dentistry in the Forest Grove area.More and more, regular people are realizing the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in their daily lives. Because of this, we offer a full range of cosmetic options so that everyone has an opportunity to choose to improve their smiles.How Cosmetic Dentistry Helps PatientsCosmetic dentistry benefits are finally recognized with the new definition of oral health, which includes the health and comfort of our smiles as well as how ...

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Is Bad Breath Holding You Back?

Bad Breath | Dentist Hillsboro OR
Do you find others backing away from you when you speak? Is your partner less willing to engage in long kissing marathons than they used to be? It might be because you have bad breath. The kind of bad breath caused by gum disease is far more offensive than a lunch that had onions and garlic as part of the plate because it comes from bacteria that collect in the mouth and reproduce rapidly. One of the by-products is a nasty odor that is both offensive and difficult to mask even with the strongest mints and rinses.Why Do Bacteria Love the Mouth?Because of the warm, moist environment of the mouth, ...

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New Research Shedding Light on Cavities in Kids

Hillsboro Pediatric Dentistry | Smith Dental | Dental Blog
We’ve heard it for decades: sugar causes cavities. That is true and partially accurate. Bacteria actually cause cavities, but they actually use sugar to fuel reproduction, which is why sugar gets all the blame.Another aspect to consider is that starchy foods and processed carbohydrates actually quickly convert to sugar in the mouth because of your saliva. Saliva, along with chewing, is the first step in the digestion process.New research discovers that the bacteria that cause decay are especially destructive when combined with yeast or fungus.What Can You Do about It?Dr. Ryan Smith, your Aloha dentist, welcomes children and organizes custom treatment plans based on your child’s needs. Since decay often ...

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Are E-Cigs Better for Your Oral Health? Maybe Not

E-Cigs Dental Health | Oregon Dentist
A recent study in Ohio sought to answer the question if e-cigs were less likely to cause gum disease than tobacco cigarettes. They studied five groups of people:SmokersE-cig usersSmokers who also use e-cigsPrevious smokers who use e-cigsControl groupWhat they found was that there is no significant reduction in instances in periodontal disease for people who opt for the electronic version of using nicotine. This may be largely due to the fact that e-cigs have a number of harmful ingredients in addition to nicotine.The study also showed that teens who start out using e-cigs are more likely to switch to smoking traditional cigarettes.What We Do to Combat Gum DiseaseIf patients present ...

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How Your Dentist Can Help with Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment Aloha OR
If you snore or have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, you might have come across some of the treatment options available. Fortunately, treatment options can extend your life, help you enjoy an improved quality of life, and help you feel more refreshed throughout your day.Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs when your throat and the tissues inside it relax, blocking your airway. This sends a danger signal to your brain, and your brain awakens you, so you do not suffocate. This can occur from dozens to hundreds of times per night, though you may not remember any of it.Because sleep apnea disrupts the restorative sleep necessary for overall health and ...

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